The Business Email Directory lists over 500,000 unique UK business email addresses at over 363,000 website addresses and is available as a single .csv file for just £195.00. Alternatively you can select individual business email lists by either business category or by geographical region. But whatever option you chose, our system will send you a download link to your email list shortly after payment.

Meticulous web research enables us to provide the Email and Website addresses of 100,000’s of UK Businesses, details of their primary business activities and the region in which they are based. We do not provide full postal addresses or telephone and fax numbers. Instead we focus solely on providing highly accurate and relevant information necessary for successful and profitable email marketing.
Directory Details
All records have the following field structure:-
Business Type: Business Category – click here for the list of Business Categories
Website: The business website address
EMAIL Address: The email address* of the business contacts.
* Unique records – there are no duplicate email addresses either in the Directory or in any individual email lists.
Geographical Location: The UK region in which the business is located or does business. (80+% of records) Regions include South East England, South West England, Midlands, Northern England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Note: Details such as full postal addresses, telephone and fax number are not included.
All data is provided via a download link, zipped and in .csv format.
Quite simply, no other Directory or UK Email List comes even close to providing these numbers of ACCURATE email addresses as the UK Business Email Directory. And if you don’t just want to take our word for it, here is what Colin Morris at Email Marketing Tips had to say:-

*APC Ltd are the publishers of The UK Business Email Directory.

Visit the Research Methods page for more information on why our data is so accurate and up to date.


The Directory was  last updated during the 3rd week of December 2013. 


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Full email addresses are made available in the Directory but are not shown in this demonstration screenshot video.

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The UK Business Email Directory is published by APC Ltd. Our USA Email Lists include:

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Gift Shops and Stores

Promotional Product Suppliers


We have recently published the following UK Email Marketing Lists:

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The following lists will be available shortly:-


Email marketing campaign is an effective tool of spreading out publicly your products, services and business details.   But to see the best results, your target must be the right recipients.  It guarantees that if you use architect’s emailing list, you’re using the right action to succeed.

Do you offer items that are nice-looking to specialized architects? You must have multiple contact details of great designers for this. You can obtain it by having long hours of searching online for the contact numbers and information.  Optionally, you can order for Architects Database for immediate access to designers.  You will have prompt email address to send messages to tons of architects using their recent email accounts.

Properties of Database

  1. Affordable
  2. Updated
  3. Double-verified email addresses
  4. High-quality and accurate
  5. Limitless usage
  6. Quick download
  7. Direct contacts
  8. Easy-to-use with software

You may figure out email addresses of competent architects.  They can be found normally in public, together with their telephone numbers.  While you may find them, it requires longer hours and efforts before getting reliable source. The cost for this is lots of time and money.  Architects Database offers practically all the details you need. Then, you find quick access to email addresses to use for your marketing promotion.   You can use details for your lucrative emailing system.

Interior Designers 

Is there a need for you to get in touch with designers and interior decorators?  Then you need to have Interior Designers Database.  This list involves professionals with guaranteed great information on each organization.

Information available in database

1. names of companies

2. contact person

3. complete mailing address

4. list of contact numbers

5. fax number

6. website address

What does Database offer to clients?

1. The list involves individuals who are focused and dedicated to their jobs and career.  They are educated, specialists, and committed to their work.  They make plans and designs.  They give residential, industrial and commercial up-to-date interiors.

2. These professionals formulate great designs that are attractive and aesthetic.  With this list of designers, your business will increase productivity, sales and improve people’s way of living.

3. The finest interior designers have gained excellence and specialization.  They are specialists in method, style, stage and area of the interior designing.  They are the most significant purchasers who make buying decisions in the companies and sectors.

4. They make judgment on what office items to buy. They decide on logistic services, lodging, transportation and upkeep—including other business activities.

Interior Designers Database represents professionals who are enthusiastic to this industry and their career.  Company providers use professional team for analysing date updates, list maintenance and list establishment.  The purpose is to give guidelines on effective marketing campaign.  Eventually, this ends up in having lucrative business profits on the clients.

A Jewelers & Jewelry Stores Directory is a good list of individuals and outlets that sell jewelry. It gives details of what each listed jeweler sells and also the general pricing. The physical address is indicated too and once a jeweler attracts a client’s attention, it allows for further details where one can even see pictures of samples and narrow down to the jeweler’s website.




  • A jeweller gets visibility soon after appearing in a Jewellers & Jewellery Store Directory and that is what each business longs for. Once it is visible to many people, it means more inquiries will be made regarding their products with a number of them translating into actual sales.


  • It is also possible for small stores to see the big jewelers that exist and therefore make inquiries about bulk buying or even distributorship.


  • Wedding planners and fashion stylists are able to identify where to source their unique jewelry and give their clients a reasonable choice.


  • Jewel owners who no longer need their jewels can see the jewelers’ stores in the neighborhood where they can sell their jewelry at a valued price rather than selling to individuals for a song.


  •  The directory gives customers a better choice of type, quality and pricing.